Lady Gaga reveals New Album (Artpop) details on facebook

Lady Gaga at a concert
Lady Gaga after ruling millions of hearts and releasing tons of hits is coming back with her new album named "Artpop"yesterday on her official Facebook page Lady Gaga asked her fans to Join the new page named "Artpop" where she promised to reveal the details of the album which was published in a short while.The following songs are confirmed to be a part of Artpop.

  1. ‘Tea’  
  2. “GUY (Girl Under You)’ Produced by DJ Zedd
  3. ‘Burqa’ 
  4. ‘Ratchet’ feat. Azealia Banks  (might not make final cut)
  5. ‘Red Flame’ feat. Azealia Banks  (might not make final cut)

The release year for the album is confirmed as 2013 however the exact date has not yet been confirmed. There are also a few songs that are rumored to make their way to the album such as 

  • ‘White Roses’
  • ‘Element Of Crime’
  • ‘Gypsy’
  • ‘Pearls from a Lover’
  • ‘Peroxide Shot’
  • ‘Penthouse Pussy’
  • ‘Born to Kill’
  • ‘Bad to the Bone’
  • ‘Sexy and Twisted’
  • ‘Sex Bruises’
  • ‘Unisex’
  • ‘Red Lipstick’
  • ‘Perpetual Mourner’
  • ‘Princess Die’ (Already performed at The Born This Way Ball)
  • ‘ARTPOP’
  • ‘Pop’s Wife’
  • ‘A Dame For Him’
  • ’99 Problems’
  • ‘Vuitton Brown’

It was also reported that Lady Gaga was asked by a fan on twitter if she can make a song similar to Bad Romance to which she said she can do one better.Lady Gaga has also encouraged her fans to Ask her about the album on Facebook.

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