South Africa clinch series 1-0 to reach top ranking spot

Ricky Ponting Australia
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It was an emotional day for Cricket as one of the legends of the game has retired.Ricky Ponting one of the most successful and aggressive captain's in world cricket gained a lot of respect in his career and it was no less during his last innings when the whole South African team circled him when he came to bat to pay him the respects.Even though he managed only 8 runs in his last innings he will be remembered for much more that he has contributed to cricket.Speaking about the third test match between South Africa and Australia the proteas easily won by 309 runs.It was a brilliant second innings that helped them seal the deal after having not so good time with the bat in the first innings.They truly deserved the win and with a comfortable win they also won the series 1-0 which confirms them a seat in the top spot in test rankings.Below are the highlights and scorecard from the match.

Highlights of the match:

South Africa:

(1st Innings)Batting and Bowling:

Faf du Plessis - 78(142)*

Dale Steyn - 4 Wickets

Robin Peterson - 3 Wickets

(2nd Innings)Batting and Bowling:

Hashim Amla - 196(221)

AB de Villiers - 169(184)


(1st Innings)Batting and Bowling:

Matthew Wade  - 68(102)

Nathan Lyon - 3 Wickets

(2nd Innings)Batting and Bowling:

Ed Cowan - 53(148)

Mitchell Starc - 68(43)*

Mitchell Starc - 6 Wickets

Mitchell Johnson - 4 Wickets

Full Scorecard of the match:

Australia(2nd innings)Batting322-10 (82.5)RunsBalls4s6sSR
Ed Cowanc Elgar b Steyn531495135.57
David Warnerc Smith b Philander29345085.29
Shane Watsonc Smith b Morkel25464054.35
Ricky Pontingc Kallis b R Peterson8232034.78
*Michael Clarkest Villiers b R Peterson44528084.62
Michael Husseyc Villiers b Steyn26521050
Matthew Wadec Smith b R Peterson10122083.33
John Hastingsc Smith b Morkel20301266.67
Mitchell Johnsonc Villiers b Philander3130023.08
Mitchell Starcnot out684392158.14
Nathan Lyonc Smith b Steyn31436072.09
Extras: 5 b:0 lb:3 nb:0 w:2
Total: 322-10 (82.5) | Curr. RR: 3.89
FOW:David Warner (40-1, 13.2), Shane Watson (81-2, 29), Ricky Ponting (102-3, 37.4), Ed Cowan (130-4, 42.5), *Michael Clarke (188-5, 57.5), Michael Hussey (198-6, 60.3), Matthew Wade (198-7, 61.5), Mitchell Johnson (204-8, 66.5), John Hastings (235-9, 70.2), Nathan Lyon (322-10, 82.5)

South Africa(2nd innings)BowlingOMRWNbWdRPO
Dale Steyn22.56723013.15
Vernon Philander218412001.95
Morne Morkel162572013.56
Robin Peterson2021273006.35
Dean Elgar1040004
Faf du Plessis20180009

South Africa(2nd innings)Batting569-10 (111.5)RunsBalls4s6sSR
Alviro Petersenc and b Johnson232040115
*Graeme Smithc Lyon b Starc8410013084
Hashim Amlac and b Johnson19622121088.69
Jacques Kallisc Johnson b Starc37655056.92
AB de Villiersc Wade b Starc16918421391.85
Dean Elgarlbw b Johnson04000
Faf du Plessisc Clarke b Johnson27384071.05
Robin Petersonc Johnson b Starc03000
Vernon Philandernot out14172082.35
Dale Steync Wade b Starc8171047.06
Morne Morkelb Starc02000
Extras: 11 b:4 lb:4 nb:0 w:3
Total: 569-10 (111.5) | Curr. RR: 5.09
FOW:Alviro Petersen (28-1, 7), *Graeme Smith (206-2, 32.3), Jacques Kallis (286-3, 51.5), Hashim Amla (436-4, 88.1), Dean Elgar (436-5, 88.5), Faf du Plessis (538-6, 103), Robin Peterson (539-7, 103.5), AB de Villiers (557-8, 107.4), Dale Steyn (569-9, 111.3), Morne Morkel (569-10, 111.5)

Australia(2nd innings)BowlingOMRWNbWdRPO
Mitchell Starc28.531546015.34
Shane Watson93240002.67
Mitchell Johnson2511104004.4
John Hastings1911020015.37
Nathan Lyon2221280005.82
Michael Hussey40260016.5
David Warner30140004.67
Ricky Ponting1030003

Australia(1st innings)batting163-10 (53.1)RunsBalls4s6sSR
David Warnerc Villiers b Steyn13352037.14
Ed Cowanc Kallis b Steyn01000
Shane Watsonlbw b Philander10121083.33
Nathan Lyonc Plessis b Steyn7260026.92
Ricky Pontinglbw b Philander470057.14
*Michael Clarkec Villiers b Steyn5130038.46
Michael Husseyc Smith b Morkel12401030
Matthew Wadeb R Peterson681027366.67
John Hastingsc A Petersen b R Peterson32584055.17
Mitchell Johnsonb R Peterson7220031.82
Mitchell Starcnot out03000
Extras: 5 b:0 lb:5 nb:0 w:0
Total: 163-10 (53.1) | Curr. RR: 3.07
FOW:Ed Cowan (3-1, 0.3), Shane Watson (18-2, 5.1), David Warner (34-3, 12.1), Nathan Lyon (35-4, 12.4), Ricky Ponting (43-5, 15.2), *Michael Clarke (45-6, 16.2), Michael Hussey (100-7, 30.3), Matthew Wade (140-8, 45.5), Mitchell Johnson (162-9, 51.5), John Hastings (163-10, 53.1)

South Africa(1st innings)BowlingOMRWNbWdRPO
Dale Steyn164404002.5
Vernon Philander160552003.44
Morne Morkel136191001.46
Robin Peterson8.11443005.39

South Africa(First innings) Batting225-10 (74)RunsBalls4s6sSR
*Graeme Smithc Clarke b Watson16301053.33
Alviro Petersenb Starc30734041.1
Hashim Amlarun out (Warner)11432025.58
Jacques Kallisb Starc270028.57
AB de Villiersc Clarke b Hastings4121033.33
Dean Elgarc Wade b Johnson012000
Faf du Plessisnot out7814212054.93
Robin Petersonc Wade b Lyon31453068.89
Vernon Philanderc Hussey b Lyon30542155.56
Dale Steynb Johnson2110018.18
Morne Morkelc Hastings b Lyon171540113.33
Extras: 4 b:0 lb:2 nb:0 w:2
Total: 225-10 (74) | Curr. RR: 3.04
FOW:*Graeme Smith (38-1, 11.3), Alviro Petersen (61-2, 22.4), Jacques Kallis (63-3, 24.3), Hashim Amla (67-4, 26.5), AB de Villiers (67-5, 27.4), Dean Elgar (75-6, 30.5), Robin Peterson (132-7, 47.3), Vernon Philander (196-8, 67.1), Dale Steyn (206-9, 70.2), Morne Morkel (225-10, 74)

Australia(First innings)BowlingOMRWNbWdRPO
Mitchell Starc163552003.44
John Hastings202511002.55
Shane Watson92221012.44
Mitchell Johnson173542013.18
Nathan Lyon121413003.42


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