The Final Kill in Sleeping Dogs

The final kill mission involved Wei Shen chasing after Dogeyes to bring him back to Mrs Chu to get her revenge for Winston(Her son's)death.The interesting thing i found on this mission was Wei Shen can ride a boat too.Is there anything Wei shen cannot do?Only him driving an aircraft or a helicopter is missing lol.I would not be surprised if that comes up in the next few missions.Looking at the amount of game i have completed one thing that i can say for sure is this is far from over.Below is a slideshow,pictures and a couple of videos from the mission.

Pictures Of The Day:

Wei Shen holds Dogeyes neck

Mrs Chu taking revenge on dogeyes

Wei Shen and trees all around

Wei Shen driving a boat

Wei Shen holding Dogeyes Hostage

Videos Of The Day:


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