Thousands of Diablo 3 players banned by Blizzard

  Diablo 3 front box cover

Thousands of Diablo III gamers faced the wrath after being banned by Blizzard for using Botting hacks,as confirmed in their official forums
Blizzard community manager also stated that besides the spirit of fair play,botting or any other hacks were also causing performance issues with the service.

Blizzard has also confirmed that their main aim is to have a stable,safe, and enjoyable online experience for real players and also confirmed they will continue to crack down on those using the hacks.

They have also advised those who witness such botting hacks to report the same by emailing have also further confirmed that in the future patch players will be able to report the issues through the game client itself. 

Diablo 3 is was also recently confirmed as one of the top searches in google for 2012.


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