Top ten funny Dialogues from Joey in Friends

Matt Le Blanc

Those who have seen the hit show friends would know Matt Le Blanc AKA Joey Tribbiani for his humor.He was innocently childish,dumb and a hunk who everyone adored.Here are ten of his most funny Dialogues,One Liners or Quotes.

10.Joey (To Chandler): Dude some guy just called for you ...
Chandler: Who was it???
Joey: I don't know ... How bout thanx for taking the message

09.Chandler: Its time for you to settle down. Make a choice,Pick a lane.
Joey: Who is Elaine?

08.'Cause I'm a Tribbiani, and this is what we do! I mean, we may be not great thinkers, or world leaders, don't read a lot, or run very fast... but damn it, we can eat!

07.JOEY: Monica, relax, go get a beer.
MONICA: I don't want a beer.
JOEY: Who said it was for you?

06.Joey: ha ha ha ha
Monica: Whats so funny?
Joey: Oh nothing, am just practicing my fake laugh.
Monica: oh.. ha ha ha ha
Joey: Whats so funny?

05.Rachel "Hey, you guys! Guess what? Barry and Mindy are getting a divorce!"
Joey *Turns to Ross, almost yelling* "What is the matter with you?!"
Phoebe "No! Barry and Mindy."
Joey "Oh sorry, I hear divorce I immediately go to Ross."

04.I wasn't trying to save Ross ! My sandwich was near him, i was trying to save my sandwich !

03.Joey covering Emma's ear says "You cant have S-E-X in front of a B-A-B-I-E"

02.Joey: Who would you rather sleep with Monica or Rachel?
Ross: dude you're sick!
Joey: Oh sorry i forgot you had that whole Rachel thing.

01.How you Doin?

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