Top ten Spookiest places on earth

There have been reports of many places around the globe that gives most of the people the creeps.Some people believe there is a scientific explanation for it whereas some believe this is due to a negative, paranormal or a ghostly presence around.Whatever the case maybe there are a few places where these are encountered frequently.Below are ten of such places which will spook you out.

Pls note:Most of the pictures are not of the actual places.

10.A Swamp In Louisiana:


Manchac swamp in Louisiana is said to be a place which has Ghosts, mass graves, alligators, and the spookiest looking trees and is said to be quite frightening.

photo credit:Susulyka 
09.An Asylum in London:


An insane Lunatic Asylum named Cane Hill located in Croydon,London was used until 1991-when by all the appearances everyone just got up and walked out.A few of the inmates were transferred to other secure locations but some of the medical equiments still remained in the hospital.

08:A place where you cannot visit before Sunset or after Sunrise:


This is an abandoned town in Rajasthan, India which was created for a prince as a memorial to his war efforts and it is said to be the most haunted place in the country.Due to a curse Bhangarh was  abandoned in 1783.Till today there is board outside which says people are not allowed to enter inside before sunset or after sunrise

PS:This is the actual picture of bhangarh

Photo credit:Deadmanharsh

07:A fire that never goes out:

Fire burning

During the year 1962 in a place called Centralia in Pennsylvania there was a fire set to the rubbish in an abandoned mine to clean the town up.Apparently the fire was so strong that it spread to the deeper recesses and ended up setting the abandoned coal mine on fire.Since then it has been burning below the empty streets of the city.There is a Danger around every corner in Centralia which includes poisonous gases, collapsing roads and fire.

06.Hell exists here?


Hell may or may not exist but in either case this place certainly exists.The Gates of Hell is apparently a 328 foot wide hole which is in Turkmenistan. Soviet drilling accident in 1971 caused the hole which leaked dangerous gases.Scientists thought the best way would be to burn them off which caused it caused it to burn non stop until now and the glow can also be seen from miles away

05.Tophet Sanctuary:


A Sanctuary which is in Tunisia is a home to thousands of graves of children only which make historians believe that  they may have been the victim of human sacrifice during old times. It is also believed that he children might have been sacrificed and then eaten due to starvation during the time.

photo credit: Jlewis52586

04:Crystal Sepulchre Cave:

A cave found in Belize has a lot of  skeletal remains and archeological artifacts of the Maya.The most shocking resident is a young girl who was apparently a victim of human sacrifice.It is also said that her  bones glitter like crystal compared to an average skeleton which is all the more spooky

03:Abandoned but still in existence:


A place named Pripyat is known to be a Ukrainian ghost town. Initially it was a home to the workers from Chernobyl but  after the nuclear disaster it was abandoned. Visits are permitted but the stay has to be short.

PS:This is the actual picture of Pripyat
Photo credit:Justin Stahlman

02:The Sea of Trees:

Aokigahara which is also known as sea of trees is a forest close to Mount Fuji located in Japan. It is known to be a popular place to commit suicide.

01.A Cemetery with the remains:

This Cementry contains the remains of pre-hispanic people of Peru.It is truly an eerie experience to see the remains all around the cemetery.


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