Top ten Weirdest superstitious beliefs

Superstitions happen all over the world but has no scientific explanation as many believe these have been created by the humans themselves.There have been many theories made around the world for a few major calamities blaming it to a superstition.Below are ten of the most weirdest superstitious beliefs of the people around the world.



Smokers beware as it is not only smoking that can cause you harm.There is a superstitious belief that lighting three cigarettes with the same match stick brings bad luck.


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Ever thought what dreams really mean??Well from what people believe it is said that if you have a dream where you are running it means that there is going to be a big change in your life.


Green Calendar
Thinking about taking a Friday off to go some place nice with friends or family to extend the weekend holiday?Well,Think again some people believe that going for a trip on a Friday brings misfortune.


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Did you recently dream about something that involved having a lizard?This as per the beliefs signifies you have a secret enemy.


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Autumn is a wonderful season with beautiful trees all around.It is also believed that if you catch a falling leaf from a tree during the first day of Autumn you will not catch a cold all winter.


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Butterflies are considered beautiful anytime of year but if you get a glimpse of a white buttery during the start of the year you will have good luck for the entire year,as its believed.

04.Horse Shoe:

Horse Shoe
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Having too many Nightmares lately?If things are to be believed then if you just hang a horse shoe out of the room it will keep the nightmares far away for you.


Beautiful House
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Going into someone's home is fine but exiting out of a different door is not.It is believed that those who enter through a door at someone's home and  exit from a different door will have bad luck

02.Lightning :

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A few people also believe that an Acorn outside the window keeps Lightning away.

01.Black Cat:

Black Cat

This is one of the common beliefs among many.It is said that if a black cat walks towards a person it brings good luck but if it walks away from a person it takes the good luck with it.


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