Whats the significance of 12-12-12

December 12-12-12 Calendar
Its that time of the year where doomsday theorist are packing up their bags and learning survival tactics.The famous question will the world end on 21st december 2012 or not is about to be answered in ten days.If you ask me i will answer it right now.The answer is a big no!I will explain my answer both scientifically and as per religion.


I am no scientist but from what i know for the world to end something really drastic,over the top of the world needs to happen.Even if the world is suppose to end it cannot just happen in one day.The other thing scaring people is an asteroid passing through earth today it might have passed by the time i complete this post. These things happen almost every year and we don't mind but why are we so scared of 2012?Its just another year.If you look into the history of earthquakes, tsunami's and other natural calamities it has caused devastation to a lot of people but the world has not ended we have lived another day.Nasa themselves have said the theories are baseless.If something this huge had to happen we would see a drastic change in climate or something we have not seen before.To be honest i have not seen anything like it yet.Yes there have been few changes and something a little different but that's just natures way of telling you to take care of it properly for a better future.

Religious explanation:

If you are a believer in astrology you might know that astrologers see where the signs for a person are to predict how good or bad the time is.So if the world ends don't you think almost everyone stars should be aligned the same way?I am a believer in god and i know he would not let us know in advance that he is ending the world and end it.If he needs to do it he will do it.That again does not mean the world will end in 2012.

A few things to note about past predicitions:

You must have noticed that these predictions were made in the past as well where nothing happened so there is no reason something should happen now.One thing i found out was there was a survival book which said how to survive 1999 apocalypse.When that didn't happen the same book was again published with a different date on cover.

A book i got for my ipod touch should a survival guide for 2012 but on the last sentence the book stated "After all this don't think about spending a lot of money through your credit card on December 21st as you will have to pay for it for the next month" which was funny.

How much ever science has adavanced we still are not able to get proper predictions from Earthquakes and Tsunamis.Hell we cant even get predictions for rain correctly.How can we go ahead and believe the world will come to an end in December 21st?Mayans calender?No that's a normal cycle and the calender just stops on 21st December does not say the world ends then.Nibiru planet will crash the earth?Well the only thing that will come crashing down is the assumption that the world will end as if something of that sort had to happen should have appeared in the sky from a long time and should have by now been in the news headlines.Polar shift?earth rotates every second  do you feel it?

There have been numerous predictions made in the past of how world will end but none have clicked so far.Yes Global warming is a threat but again it will take a long time like billions of years probably for it to go to even an extent of causing a major calamity which will mostly not be the world ending again.If you think world will end and are worried about it.Don't worry,all is well and will remain well for ages to come but we need to play our part to make sure that we can reduce global warming.

What is the significance of 12-12-12:

There is nothing scary of the date as the date 12-12-12 is considered to be very auspicious as a lot of things are happening on 12-12-2012 as below

  • A couple is who dated on 10-10-10,got engaged on 11-11-11 are getting married on 12-12-12.
  • There are some beautiful Geminid meteor shower peaks this week.
  • The asteroid "4179 Toutatis", will fly by earth at a distance of 69,31,175 km

Enjoy the day and don't worry about the date.Be happy to be one of the few lucky people who witnessed dates from 1-1-1 to 12-12-12.As a joke,If not mayans facebook can end the real world as everyone loves communicating through the virtual world these days :).


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