101 year old woman comes back to life after presumed dead

Coffin with a man trapped
A Chinese woman who was 101 years old was confirmed dead and put into a coffin by her family.To everyone's surprise and delight she came back to life as all the mourners gathered for her funeral.Shanghai Daily reported that the incident occurred last Sunday in Guangdong province.

The woman had taken a fall earlier and was bed ridden for the past two weeks.Here two daughters who returned home at that time were taking care of her.

However on Saturday Morning  the daughters noticed that her body was stiff.As they could not feel any signs of her breath or a heart beat the daughters presumed her dead and everyone gathered for the funeral for next day.

As the villagers cleaned the woman's body and were about to put her in the coffin she greeted everyone with her pet words: "Here you come."

The surprise villagers use the meal to throw a banquet rather than the originally planned funeral.

Who says there are no miracles.This is one of the best examples of it.This proves that both life and death are in gods hand and no living entity has any control over it.What are your thoughts?


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