Big Smile Lee(Last Mission) in Sleeping Dogs

After The Election comes the final mission Big Smile Lee.In this mission you need to take Mr. Tong's car  and meet Mr. Lee an in Aberdeen's docks.

After reaching Inside you need to go on a butchering spree after which you need to find a gun and snipe from the top of the roof and reach towards ponytail and kill him.He will be at the restaurant.If you remember he was Lee's Enforcer from the mission Meet the New Boss.

After Ponytail you have a straight forward task in hand where you need to defeat Big Smile Lee.Again reversals are the key here so be ready to counter attack.The game gives an apt ending to a well made storyline.

Congratulations you have now completed the game.Enjoy the cut scene in the end.I will be writing a short review about this game a little later on.

Pictures of the day:

Pendrew pulls off Uncle Po's Wind Pipe

Uncle Po in Hospital Bed

Enviormental attack by Wei Shen

Big Smile Lee Shoots towards Wei Shen from a boat

A boat in flames

Police all around after the clash between Wei Shen and BIg Smile Lee

Wei Shen's Fight against the big smile lee

Videos of the day:

Slaughter Big Smile Lee's Thugs:

Kill Ponytail:

Defeat Big Smile Lee:


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