Blackberry 10 OS will include unique features

Blackberry 10 operating system has been launched.The company which no longer goes by the name 'research in motion' also introduced two 'bold' smartphones.The new smartphones introduced by blackberry are Z10 phone which is touch and the Q10 which is the qwerty keyboard version of Z10.The biggest question is will this appeal to the fans?It just might!Blackberry 10 operating system will be included on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

Another feature in regards to the two phones confirmed is their ability to flick words while typing which translates into an experience of writing without typing

Blackberry 10 operating systemWith the android and IOS platforms going all guns blazing in the mobile industry Blackberry will need to come up with something as appealing.Along with the phone interface Google PlayStore and Apple's AppStore are the two things blackberry might work on to win more customers.

There was a time when blackberry used to be the core device that was used by office-goers but as time passed by the trend has noticeably declined.The BlackBerry 10 operating system has got mixed review until now and but might end up being a savior for the upcoming Blackberry devices.

The new operating system introduced has a few unique features compared to its predecessor and might just turn things around.

Features of Blackberry 10:

Blackberry Balance:

Blackberry Balance will help separate professional communications from personal items.Through this the  IT managers will be able to prevent personal apps running inside corporate firewalls but will loose the access to the data in the process.

The best part about this feature is when a person leaves a job the company he has left will be able to remove the device's corporate side with no affect to the personal data.

Blackberry Hub: 

Facebook application has now been completely integrated with BlackBerry 10 hub.Emails and notifications from applications such as Twitter and Facebook can be accessible through the BlackBerry Hub,a never center will be accessible through a finger swipe even if another application is open. Through this one can open an email or return to the application.This might be somewhat similar to the Android dashboard.

Data Aggregation:

This will be somewhat similar to Synchronisation where the device will aggregate all th information intuitively; and pull up connections into contacts.For example:Last email, last meeting, twitter post etc without leaving the hub.

Blackberry Flow:

Blackberry Flow will allow users to move in and out of the application without much of a hassle.

BlackBerry Messenger with video capability:

One of the most frequently used Blackberry service,BlackBerry Messenger will now include video, letting users move from chat to video along with another new feature which will allow users to share the screen

BB Remember

BB Remember will help users organize content into folders

Story Maker

Story Maker is an app which will aggregate photos and videos into one stream.This will help users create mini movies to share on social networks

Blackberry World:

Blackberry world which is Blackberry's form of 'PlayStore' or 'AppStore' includes 70,000 applications for users to download.

Other features:

The operating system includes multilanguage support and users will have the ability to flick words with a thumb.Picture editor has also improved.

This might just be what the Blackberry customers expect.We will now have to wait and see if this helps Blackberry win more customers in the ever so competitive 'Mobile Market'

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