Celerium in Call of Duty Black Ops II

Call of Duty:Black Ops II  missions are quite big comparing to a few other games i have played in the recent past.That is one of the reasons why i have not quite been able to update the gaming pictures and videos more frequently.The game is quite good and the story is also quite good so far.After Pyrrhic victory the next mission is Celerium where the main objective is to recover the celerium device.The mission also has a few nice mini games where you have to fly through on a glider and fight your way through the labs before you Retrieve and Extract the celerium device.The mission is pretty straight forward with the compass showing you the way through.

Slideshow from the Mission:

Pictures of the day:

The start of celerium mission

Fighting through the enemies in celerium

Harper finds a scientist inside the box

Celerium device

Two Soldiers before rapple

Through the trees in the mission

Video of the day:

Call of duty:Black Ops II:Celerium:


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