Fiesta Del Rio celebration at WWE Smackdown on 18/01/2013

Alberto Del Rio WWE Heavyweight champion

After the 20th Anniversary Show Smackdown was not bad either.Alberto Del Rio hosted a well deserved party for himself after his surprise victory over the Big Show as he defeated him to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship to the joy of most of the WWE universe last week.I must say i am looking at Alberto Del Rio very differently after he has turned babyface.

Smackdown finally seems to be running a little different compared to earlier where it did not matter if you followed the show or not.However smackdown in comparison to Raw most of the times turns out to be average but gone are the days where you could ignore seeing Smackdown.It has its own unique storyline these days which makes it more intriguing.

It would be so great if Smackdown can have the same thrill in it as Raw.By the looks of it WWE seems to be well on the way to make it happen. 

Smackdown Results for January 18th 2013:

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results for 18/01/2013(18th January 2013)
The Great Khali defeated Tensai
Antonio Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston
Team Hell No & Randy Orton def. Team Rhodes Scholars & Wade Barrett
The Miz def. Primo
Kaitlyn def. Aksana
Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus def. Big Show & Dolph Ziggler

photo credit:Shamsuddin Muhammad


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