Google rolling out faster redesigned image search

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The search giants Google are in the process of redesigning their image search section to streamline the search experience for users as confirmed via their blog post.Google has further confirmed that after the redesign the images will display within an inline panel and users will be able to flip through the images through the keyboard itself.

In comparison to the current feature where the preview of the image shows with an iframe on the side which displays the details of the image,the newly designed search will display all the details of the images below the preview of the image itself.

Google has also confirmed that through these changes the sites hosting the images will see an increase in average click-through rates.Unlike the current interface the new design will allow users to click on the domain name as the listing is said to also include a clickable button to visit the page hosting the image and an additional button to view the image.

They have further stated that the new design will speed up the users search experience.The new design will also reduce the load on the website servers and improve the accuracy metrics like pageviews for websites.


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