Homefront 2 details confirmed by Crytek

Homefront box cover art

Homefront 2 is in the works and coming along quite well Nick Button-Brown(Crytek general manager ) confirmed to VG247 in a new interview. Despite THQ's bankruptcy auction last week he assured fans that development of the game has not been affected but the release date might alter.

Homefront 2 was confirmed for PC and consoles by March 2014.Brown further added that the prime reason for purchasing Homefront IP was because the game was "coming along so well."

Buton further said that the News for Homefront 2 is expected soon.Regarding the game's ongoing development since Crytek is nolonger working with the publisher the company should be able to be more transparent.

Since the closure of THQ would be interesting to see what kind of changes we can expect from the Homefront franchise.The last game didnt get too many positive reviews.Hope things will change this time around


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