IOS 6.1 update rolled out by Apple

Apple iPhoneIOS 6.1 roll out has started.The updated version 6.1allows 36 iPhone 23 iPad carriers around the world a faster LTE network offered in many locations.

This free software update will also allow users in the US to buy movie tickets via Fandango through Apple's voice-assistant Siri and iTunes Match iCloud can be used by the subscribers to download individual songs.

A few other noticeable tweaks include redesigned playback controls on the lockscreen,small changes in Safari and slight changes to boarding passes within the Apple's Passbook software.

The previous update was only accessible to iPad Mini and iPhone 5 users and fixed WIFI related issues.

Features of IOS 6.1 Update:

  • Support for LTE for more carriers(for more info check out
  • Fandango with SIRI can be used(Only in US)to purchase movie tickets
  • Individual songs can be downloaded by iTunes Match subscribers from iCloud
  • Advertising Identifier can be reset using a New button
Wonder how many bugs this update will actually fix.With the technology evolving everyday things get outdated pretty quickly but updates such as this go a long way help fix problems.If only the old devices also had an update(At least until the device was complete stable)until they stopped support.

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