JJ Abrams to direct new Star Wars?

Darth Vader Star WarsJJ Abrams(Star Trek Into Darkness film maker) will also be directing the next Star Wars film.The movie is expected to hit theaters by 2015.The director Abrams has also created a super hit tv show "lost".As expected there were a mixture of fans who loved the news and a few who didn't and what better place than the internet to voice out your opinions?.Many took on twitter to show their pleasure or displeasure regarding the news.Infact there was also a petition which was present at change.org titled " “Disney: Stop J.J. Abrams from directing the next Star Wars film”.

A few twitter responses regarding 'JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars' were:

  • If J.J. Abrams turns me into a smoke monster in the new Star Wars movie, I'm going to be pissed.- Darth Vader
  • The Flare is strong with this one - Elijah Wood
  • "Hello JJ? This is the Devil. Please check your inbox. xo-D" #STARWARS #JJABRAMS -EmmaCaulfield
Considering the advancement in techonology it would be great to see how exactly the movie turns out to be.Even though 2015 is still a long way away the anticipation among the Star Wars fan has begun.


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