John Cena spoils the New Year toast of AJ & Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

The last Raw of the year started with the MIZ TV where MIZ invited his guest John Cena and asked him a few questions about AJ Scandal.They were interrupted in between by team Rhodes Scholars leading to a tag team match between John Cena & The Miz against Rhodes Scholars.

There was a New Years party arranged by Vickie Guerrero backstage.Dolph Ziggler who self invited himself to the party ended up on the wrong foot with vickie who ended up creating a match between Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus.CM Punk and Paul Heyman also came to Vickie to convince her that Punk's Knee was not hundred percent and persuaded her to create a match between Ryback and The Shield.

Mae Young also made an appearance to the last raw of the year and was chosen by Eve to fight against for the WWE Divas championship to every divas dismay.Unfortunately Mae couldn't compete as the doctor confirmed she was pregnant.Yes,You read that right.She apparently later during the show also gave birth to hornswoggle or someone who looked exactly like him.Looking at this Jerry "The King" Lawler quoted as a joke "This makes me mad at the Canadian doctors for saving my life"

Punk and Heyman to prove that Punk was really injured got a qualified doctor at the ring who confirmed the same and told punk he would not be able to compete in the tables,ladders and chairs match against Ryback next week.Vince McMahon made an entrance and told Punk he would be examined by the WWE officials next week if he is ok to compete.If he is not Ryback will face Paul Heyman.

While Paul Heyman and CM Punk were discussing matters backstage Brad Maddox came towards them to ask for help as he had lost hope for the WWE contract and was in need of a job.Paul Heyman got angry to this and asked him to leave while Punk laughed behind.

Big show decided to face Ricardo Rodriguez for the WWE championship and was supported well by Alberto Del Rio who also gave him his car keys to have a grand entrance.To my surprise Ricardo performed very well during a portion of the match but of course in the ended he didn't win the title.

This brings us towards the final segment of the show.AJ,Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston make their way to the ring to have a new year toast.Dolph askd Big E Langston to guard the ring outside as John Cena was no allowed to the toast.Ziggler went on to show how 2012 has been a year John Cena has failed miserably.

John Cena made an entry after this  said he agrees with ziggler but also said 2013 will be a great year for him and as a part of humor showed  a few pictures  of  Ziggler/AJ wedding with Ziggler wearing the Brides dress.He also showed a few pictures of Ziggler/AJ babies.Towards the end before the show went off air a bunch of brown stuff fell from the ceiling on Ziggler and AJ.

Full Results of WWE Raw held on 31st December 2012:

WWE Raw results for 31/12/2012(31st December 2012)
The Miz & John Cena defeated Rhodes Scholars via pinfall
Antonio Cesaro defeated sgt. Slaughter via pinfall
Team Hell No defeated 3MB via pinfall
Sheamus vS Dolph Ziggler ended in a no contest
Big Show Defeated Ricardo Rodriguez via disqualification
Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall to become the new intercontinental champion
The Shield vs Ryback ended in a no contest

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