New fallout details revealed?

Fallout Video game

There is a strong possibility of major announcement coming in regards to the latest game in the fallout franchise.The Voice actor Erik Todd Dellums who was a part of  Fallout 3 confirmed on his Twitter (through Eurogamer) that his character might make its way back to the latest game of the franchise.

However no official statements have been given by Bethesda at the moment.Since August 2012 there was a rumor doing the rounds that Fallout 4 would be set in Boston, Massachusetts. It had also been confirmed that Bethesda had been "scoping out and researching" the city. 

The last fallout game(Fallout:New Vegas)developed by Obsidian Entertainment released in 2010 was set in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas.Bethesda were the developers of Fallout 3 which was set in Washington DC and surrounding areas.


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