New Iphone expected to offer different colors and sizes

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Ever since the launch of Apple's iPod the company has been making great strides towards innovation and has undoubtedly redefined the mobile technology with the launch of iPhone a few years back.This was a dream phone for quite a few years post launch but at the moment because of the lack of difference in terms of the looks of the phones many are tending to get bored of it and are preferring a good looking alternative.With Samsung,Sony,HTC and micromax coming out with different looks and designs people are preferring to buy those phones as they are comparatively cheaper as well.

The good news however is that Apple seems to have taken notice of this and are planning on having different sizes and designs for their upcoming iPhone.

MacRumours has reported that many of the analysts believe that the  next iPhone might come with multiple colors and will also have different sizes to choose from.The blog speaks about Brian White, Topeka Capital Markets analyst who had confirmed that apple might offer multiple colors for their upcoming devices.

White also further confirmed that the devices will come with different sizes as well to expand their reach to the markets in China and India.

It has also been confirmed that the next iternation of iPhone will include:

  • New super HD camera/screen
  • A better battery
  • NFC along with an IGZO screen for Retina+
  • 128GB storage
  • 6 to 8 colours.


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