New Xbox IllumiRoom feature revealed by Microsoft

Xbox 360 Console with controller black color

Gaming consoles have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation coming out with unique innovations such as Kinect and Move respectively.Who would have thought around 5-6 years back that this kind of gaming will even be possible?

Nintendo is a company that deserves due credit for laying the foundation as their superhit console Wii was the one that first came out with this technology and was loved by millions which ended up with other company's striving for more.

The beauty oof all this is that it does not end there.Everyday is a new innovation and this time its Microsoft who has shown a glimpse of what the future gaming will look like.The company's research  website  shows a visual IllumiRoom system which combines virtual and physical world through Kinect.

Special Features:

  • Alteration of  the appearance of a room
  • Triggering apparent motion
  • Extended field of view

It is yet to be known if this feature will be used within the existing Xbox 360 or will be exclusivev to the next generation Xbox console.More details about the feature will be revealed at a human-computer interaction ACM SIGCHI conference which will be held in Paris,France between April 27 and May 2.


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