Official Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 announcement in March?

Slim elite Xbox 360 gaming console
The news around the release of Xbox 720 and PS4 continue to linger as the gamers anxiously wait for an official announcement for the much awaited next generation consoles.Videogamer  has suggested that both Sony and Microsoft are in plans to have an  Apple-style press conference to announce the official details of their next gen consoles.

Even though E3 in June might be considered the industry's biggest event both companies want to give their systems their own exclusive limelight as per the report.E3 will still not be less than a lot of surprises.The new games that will run on the Next-gen consoles might be announced during the convention.

Speculations have also been made in "The Magazine" that  Sony might be planning the release of PS4 before  Microsoft's Xbox 720(Or whatever the name of the console upon release).

With nothing official announced yet the gamers can only hope the news is true and they get an official announcement of the next gen consoles soon as the existing consoles are now slowly becoming a thing of the past.


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