Pokemon X and Y set to release in October 2013 for 3DS

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A couple of days back the Nintendo japan website had confirmed that they have an important announcement in regards to Pokemon series.The announcement has now been made and Nintendo has confirmed the launch of the upcoming Pokemon game named as pokemon x and Pokemon y  and have confirmed the launch date as October for Nintendo 3DS. It has also been said that the two games will share the same plot but will be unique
Features of the game:
  • New pokemon
  • New storyline
  • Dynamic battles
  • Redesigned Pokemon world in 3D 
  • An array of new cartoons and toys.
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y  will allow players to begin their adventures at the same time.This is a welcome news for the Pokemon fans but as of now there is no news in regards to the game release on  a home console version of the popular role-playing game.Its amazing to see how the games have evolved as the time has gone by.The graphics of the Nintendo 3DS will be splendid considering the game has a 3D world.You can  check out the trailer of the game here.


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