Pyrrhic Victory in Call of Duty Black Ops II

After completing Sleeping Dogs  i am moving on to Call of Duty Black Ops II.I completed the first mission today called as Pyrrhic Victory and the game at the moment is living up to its reputation.The game has an immersive and unique gameplay along with its one of a kind storyline.The first mission as expected included a battlefight.The motive of the mission was for Hudson and Mason to help a warlord named Savimbhi in exchange for information regarding the whereabouts of Frank Woods.

Pictures of the day:

Alex Mason thinks about his past

Mason being attacked by the enemies

Savimbhi showing victory sign

The enemy with knife to his throat

Frank woods being rescued

Menendez does not care about being pointed with a gun

Savimbhi comes to the rescue of woods in his helicopter

Videos of the day:

Use The Valkyrie Launcher to destroy the hind:

Push forward with the convoy:

Destroy the first wave of tanks:


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