Resident Evil:Revelations making its way to Xbox 360?

Resident Evil Revelations cover art

It is being speculated that Resident Evil: Revelations might be making its way to Xbox 360.A list of 50 achievements for the game have been obtained by  Xbox 360 Achievements which suggests it will be a retail release rather than a download

Capcom has not yet officially announced the release for the game as of yet and have not made any comments on the rumor as of yet.

Resident Evil: Revelations which was released for 3DS in February 2012 followed Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine on their episodic story-driven adventure which was set inbetween the events of the previous games resident evil 4 and 5.

With resident evil 6 not making much of an impression on the gamers this might be something what the gamers might be looking for from the resident evil franchise.


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