Royal Rumble 2013:Finally 'The Rock' is the WWE champ again

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The Rock is the WWE champion once again.What a Royal Rumble!There are very few WWE PPV'S where all the results go in our favor i think this was one of the them.It had a few lovely moments that the WWE universe will cherish for a long time. 

If you ask me what made the show special i would say The Royal Rumble match and the main event between CM Punk and The Rock for the WWE Championship.The Royal Rumble match was filled with surprises as expected with Goldust,The Godfather and Y2J Chris Jericho also being a part of the Royal Rumble 2013 roster.

 I will be honest this is one of the few WWE PPV'S which i saw throughout without fast forwarding it too much.Since John Cena is now the Royal Rumble 2013 winner it looks like we might have The Rock Vs John Cena II on the cards.So all the things WWE were advertising  last wrestlemania which said John Cena Vs The Rock was 'Once in a lifetime' might not be a fact.Well,we are not complaining.My gut feeling proved me a wrong as i was expecting that in someway Brock Lesnar will cause interference between The Rock and CM Punk or might atleast be a part of Royal Rumble match .

The best part of the show was that when CM Punk-The Rock match was restarted after he won with the help of The Shield 'again'.Vince McMahon came out to strip the title of CM Punk but the Rock wanted the match to be restarted and won the title fair and square.The million dollar question still remains.Is The Rock back to the WWE for good or is it just temporary?It might be very possible that he might loose the title at Wrestlemania and move out but to be honest nothing can be ruled out. 

Guess the time will tell us what happens.The show also had its funny moments when Kofi Kingston hopped his way into the ring through a chair to avoid being elimated and when Daniel Bryan caught hold of Kane to avoid elimination.The Show was really great and had everything but still a part of me still felt something was definitely still missing

Full Royal Rumble 28/01/2013 Results:

Royal Rumble 2013 Results
Antonio cesaro defeated The Miz to retain US Championship
Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show to retain WWE Heavyweight Championship
Team Hell No defeated Team Rhodes Scholars to retain tag team championship
John Cena won the Royal Rumble 2013
The Rock Defeated CM Punk to become the new WWE Champion


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