Shane Warne-Marlon Samuels fight against the spirit of the game?

Shane Warne Australian Leg Spin Bowler

A couple of days back there was an incident that took place at the Australian big bash league which led to a nasty bit of sledging between Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels.Big Bash league is a tournament filled with excitement for various reasons such as Glowing stumps,Camera on players helmets,Spider Cam and interaction with the players through a mic in between them playing.

However from What we witnessed a couple of days back was a shocker where there was almost a fist fight in between the field between one of the best Leg Spinners in the world and one of the best hitters of a ball in world cricket.

I thought the big bash league was held within the spirit of the game where the players enjoyed playing cricket for 20 overs and came together as a perfect blend with a mixture of players from different countries.The way Marlon Samuels tried stopping David Hussey for the second run was unnecessary what was even more unnecessary was the brawl that took place when Warne was bowling to Samuels.Things seem to escalate when a ball was thrown towards samuels even though he was well within his crease which made him throw his bat around.

Some would say its a part of a game and rising tempers are normal but have we now reached a stage where anything goes?Warne was very apologetic when Julian Mitchell spoke to him as he was even banned for the qualifier match in the BBL but the question still remains was the brawl really necessary.

Warne was correct in his part that Samuels should not have done that while bowling but from the time i have been seeing cricket matches i know there is a process that needs to be followed to make complains but what we saw mid field looked like something big was going to go down pretty soon but luckily sanity prevailed soon enough.

Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels are two of my favorite cricketers but looking at them literally fight it out was really sad.Hopefully we would not see such an occurrence in the future and the cricketers will have a healthy sledging which is always good to see.

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