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Sleeping Dogs is a breath of fresh air in open world games.When i got this game i thought this will be something very similar to Grand Theft Auto but to my surprise that wasn't the case infact for me it was even better.What made this game good was a perfect balance of Fighting,Story and mini games.This game is the best one to play for the gamers who love open world games until we await the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V.The way the game ended was good and gave a feel good feeling towards completion.The flexibility the game offered was one of the best features of the game as you could do almost anything in the game such as Bike or car race,Sing Karaoke,fight and you can even ride a boat.

The game has also done well in the market because of which there are very bright chances of this game becoming a franchise and a release of Sleeping Dogs II in the near future is a possibility.Below are the positives and negatives of the game.


  • Beautiful Surroundings with great graphics
  • A feel good Storyline
  • Some really unique and cool Mini games like Karaoke,Bike and car race.
  • Great in car/bike songs while driving/riding
  • Flexible with lots to do within a game.


  • Occasional Graphics lags
  • Sometimes missions felt incomplete and very short.
  • A few missions looked repetitive

Considering all of the above this is the best open world games i have played recently and i would love to give it 10/10 for the open world genre but considering the other games i have played this game deserves no less than 9/10.It is a definite must play game.


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