Sony PlayStation 4 rumored as PS2 production stops in Japan

Sony PlayStation 4 with Joystick

Sony has confirmed to have stopped the production of  PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan which is increasing the excitement and the rumors among gamers that the PlayStation 4 release might just be around the corner.

PlayStation 2 which includes a Blu-ray player post launch in 2000 has sold in excess of 150 million units worldwide which made it the best selling console of all time.It was so popular that it also outsold its own replacement for the first three years.

The Japanese website of Sony have confirmed that the Shipments had been completed for the ps2  hardware with no further comment.However the Software for the console is expected to continue to release.

What this news has done is sparked rumors among gamers.Sony which has been hit by falling sales owing to the popularity of games on smartphones, has been planning for PlayStation 4 for more than six years post launch of PS3. 

It will be interesting to see what sony has in store for console gaming in the future as they have all the capability of releasing another blockbuster of a console.


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