Soul Sacrifice for PlayStation Vita to release on April 30

PS Vita Soul SacrificeSoul Sacrifice for PlayStation Vita is set to release on April 30th.The game is expected to release in North America on April 30 as announced  at Sony's PlayStation blog. The game is expected to make its debut in Japan on March 7th.

The game will include bonuses for the players who preorder the game.The preorder version of the game will include an "exclusive" in game content that will include two costumes, 3 magic items,Spirits' Flamepike,Spirits' Blightstone, and a Spirits' Fulgurwood.

Additionally the game will also include Japanese voice-over pack for free.This can be purchased separately but can be accessed at launch only by the means of preorder.Designer Keiji Inafun in a statement said they have worked hard on the game for the gamers to enjoy

Soul Sacrifice is developed by MarvelousAQL along with Inafune's Comcept and is a  fantasy action game which goes by the tag line with great power comes only from great sacrifice.Interesting release,This could well be one of the best PlayStation Vita game to release in the near future.


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