Ten of the coolest games online

It has been scientifically proved that gaming is one of the best stress reliever.If you have had a hard day of work and really need a break and are not in the mood to play heavy duty games such as Call of duty or halo and would rather like to play games which are much simpler in nature and not too taxing on you.Below is a list of ten of the best games you can play to pass your time.
Prince of persia 1

Ten of the Best Games Online

1.Prince of Persia:

If your born anywhere in between 1980-1990 you must have heard about Prince of Persia.This smash hit adventure platform title still remains one of the best i have played.In the era of the 90's this was one game that truly had everything a story,betrayal,heartbreak and of course sword fighting.With the evolution of technology this game is  now available online.You can find the game here.

2.Commander Keen:

This was a truly under rated game.The storyline of this game again was fantastic.In the days of the 1990's seeing Commander Keen jump on a Pogo was something like seeing Master Chief return in Halo 4 in terms of excitement.You can play the game here

3.Monkey Island:

This is a puzzle game where you need to solve the puzzles to save the monkey stranded on an island.This is a really addictive title.You can play it here

4.Beetle Buggin:

One of those rare days where you have less work at office and are wondering how to pass your time by for those this is one of the best games to play.The main objective is to navigate a tiny bug over a messy desk.You can play the game here


If you like games such as tetris this is one of the games you must check out.It has very similar features to it and can be played here

6.Angry Birds:

This game has quietly made its way online as well.Simple yet addictive where the motive is to kill the pigs who stole your eggs.You can play it online here

7.Crazy Taxi:

A very addictive game where you drive a taxi as fast as possible and reach your goal within a specified time frame.From a variety of the different crazy taxi games online you can find the best one  here.


The main objective of the Hexic game is to create clusters of same-colored tiles to clear them from the board.The game available online here

9.Feeding Frenzy:

A simple game where you need to keep eating as a fish nderwater uuntil it grows big but have to be careful of the bigger fishes you can gobble you up.You can find it here

10.Stick Cricket:

This is one of the most addictive sports title from the available games online.The beauty of this game is the variety of modes it has to offer to play with and it is quite challenging as well.You can play it here


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