The Rock electrifies WWE Raw on 07/01/2013

The Rock WWE

The road to Wrestlemania has begun with The Royal Rumble around the corner.This Week's Raw was filled with anticipation of The Rock's return.John Cena had already said during last week's Raw that the year 2013 was his and he will reach to new heights this year.He did not disappoint during his match against Dolph Ziggler getting a much deserved victory inspite of severe outside interference from Big E Langston and AJ Lee.

Eve Torres chickened out of the ring in between of her match against Kaityn to retain her championship despite Kaitlyn winning via countout.Atleast one member of 3MB seemed to be all over Raw this week being involved in two matches one against Randy orton where all three of them got an RKO and the other one against Sheamus which didnt go their way either.Santino Marella's match against Wade Barrett was a short one where Wade Barrett won the match via pinfall.

It was however unbelievable to see Antonio Cesaro giving the neutralizer to The Great Khali.He got some great crowd reaction for that move.The much awaited TLC match also took place where to everyone's dismay once again CM Punk successfully defended his Championship against Ryback.

Big Show gave a KO to Kofi while Refree was trying to move him away from Show to get a win via pinfall.Post this was the most anticipated segment of the night where Rock was about to be back but CM Punk backstage said he would rather run his mouth in the center of the ring before The Rock.

CM Punk continued to show how good he is and how he has defeated everyone over and over again and also spoke against the crowd which gained him a lot of heat but was eventually interrupted by the Rock who in his style gave the crowd what they wanted by shutting up CM Punk and told him his time is up in 20 days and signed off in style by giving CM Punk a Rock Bottom before the show went off air.

WWE Raw Results:

WWE Raw Results for 07/01/2013(7th January 2012)
John Cena Defeated Dolph Ziggler Via Pinfall
Kaitlyn Defeated Eve Torres Via Countout
Team Rhodes Scholars Defeated Team Hell No Via Pinfall
Randy Orton Defeated Heath Slater Via Pinfall
Wade Barrett Defeated Santino Marella Via Pinfall
Antonio Cesaro Defeated The Great Khali Via Pinfall
Sheamus Defeated Jinder Mahal Via Pinfall
CM Punk Defeated Ryback in a TLC match to retain WWE Championship
Big Show Defeated Kofi Kingston Via Pinfall

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