The Rock's concert at WWE Raw on 14/01/2013 was epic

The Rock Posing

We are just a few days away from the Royal Rumble 2013 and things are just getting warmed up.The 20th Raw Anniversary Show on 14/01/2013(14th January 2013) was filled with a few great matches as well as The Rock's concert which was epic.The Show mainly revolved around the past WWE shows and how the athletes helped to get the show the recognition  it truly deserved from the WWE Universe.It was great to see Mick Foley finally being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame.The title change that happened for the divas championship was also such a relief as the feud between Kaitlyn and Eve Torres had now been going on for quite a while.Eve who later during the show said she quit was unexpected wonder if that's a part of the storyline.Besides these there were two main aspects of the show that made it stand out from the rest which were The Rock's Concert(which was after a long long time) and John Cena-Dolph Ziggler Steel cage match.All the steel cage matches are awesome and this was no exception.Alberto Del Rio who is now the New WWE heavy weight champion(After winning the championship from The Big Show at Smackdown)looks to be a babyface now and is getting good support from the WWE universe.It is so great to see how these wrestlers can adapt to different roles to make the WWE Universe to either hate them or love them.The Shield-Ryback saga continued when Ryback tried to save Mick Foley from the potential Shield attack but he was well supported by the viper Randy Orton to even the odds.The shows end was great with Rock once again showing his great Mike skills and singing a few funny insulting songs for Paul Heyman, Vickie Guerrero and the self proclaimed "Best in the world" CM Punk.Things were bound to be escalated after this as CM Punk and The Rock collided only to be seperated by the WWE staff after which they stared each other down before the show went off air.

Full WWE Raw Results for 14th January 2013:

WWE Raw Results for 14/01/2013(14th January 2013)
Wade Barrett Defeated Randy Orton via Pinfall
Kane Defeated Damien Sandow via Pinfall
Kaitlyn Defeated Eve Torres Via Pinfall to win the Divas Championship
CM Punk Defeated Brodus Clay Via Submission
3MB defeated Sheamus in the Over the Top Rope Challenge
Daniel Bryan Defeated Cody Rhodes via Submission
John Cena Defeated Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage match

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