Windows 8 sales hit 60 Million post launch

Windows 8 operating system

After the success of Windows 7 most of the people were very skeptical of what they can expect out of the latest operating system Windows 8.The reports however has confirmed that the latest operating system by Microsoft has not been doing too bad  after selling 60 million licenses and upgrades for its in just 10 weeks post launch,This was confirmed by a member of the company's Windows unit  at the Consumer Electronics Show.

This however has not yet increased the already low personal computer sales, Whereas the new touch screen also has not captures the consumers imagination yet.It was also confirmed by Tami Reller(Chief financial officer) that the Windows 8 sales were growing in line with those of Windows 7 which was launched in 2009

These figures actually mean that Microsoft has sold around 20 million Windows 8 licenses and upgrades post November,when it was said that 40 million sales had been achieved within the first month on the market.

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