WWE Smackdown:The Rock promises championship regain

CM Punk WWE Champion wrestler
The Rock Vs CM Punk at the Royal Rumble on 27/01/2013 promises to be a huge main event this Sunday.WWE Universe has only one question in mind.Will The Rock again electrify his way into being the next WWE Champion? or will the self proclaimed 'best in the world' have any more tricks in his sleeve.Two days until we get our answer.At WWE Smackdown held this week(25/01/2013) the show as usual started with a bang with Team Hell No making their way into the ring and telling the entire WWE roster not to under estimate them at the Royal Rumble as they are a couple of strong contenders.This ends up with an argument between Team Hell No with each of them stating they will win the Royal Rumble as this continues Big Show confirms he will the Royal Rumble winner and as  usual one thing leads to another and a match between Team Rhodes Scholars and Damien Sandow Vs Team Hell No and Alberto Del Rio is set as the main event for the night.Moving on with the storylines CM Punk made his way to the ring and said he is scared not of the Rock but of the thought that he will loose the WWE  Champion even if he is disqualified.He calls out the Shield and tells them he is not involved with them and not to interfear in his matches to which The Shield Acknowledges and go out of the ring through the crowd.Post this,The Rock makes an electrifying entrance and in his own unique ways tells the CM Punk in two days he will be the WWE Champion.

Full Results of WWE Smackdown held on 25th January 2013:

WWE Smackdown results for 25/01/2013
Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett Via pinfall
Natalya defeated Rosa Mendes Via Submission
Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre via DQ
The Miz defeated Darren Young Via Submission
Team Hell No & Alberto Del Rio defeated Team Rhodes Scholars & Big Show Via Pinfall

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