Amazing Spiderman for WII U to release March 5

Amazing Spiderman will make its way to the WII U console next month

WII U console owners who love the Spiderman Franchise will be happy to know that the comic book and movie adapted video game 'The Amazing Spiderman' will be making its presence felt on the console next month.

Amazing Spiderman cover picture
This third person,open world,action,adventure video game which stars Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey might do a lot better in the WII U version as i feel the developers might have worked out on a few flaws which existed within the release of the game in earlier platforms.

Amazing Spiderman ultimate edition Launch Date and price:

  • March 5th in North America
  • March 8th in Europe
The WII U version of the video game will be available for $40 at launch and will include four on-disc expansions.

Expansions on Amazing Spiderman included in four disc expansions:

  • Stan Lee Adventure Pack
  • The Lizard Rampage Pack
  • The Rhino Challenge
  • Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack.

Apart from the game WII U users will be able to use the gamepad as an "Oscorp OsPhone," which will allow players to access the cell phone within the game for accepting new challenges,navigating the city, and managing upgrades.Off screen play will also be supported. 

As in the movie the game will allow the players to freely explore Manhattan as he fights his way through hordes of enemies and solves a few puzzles along the missions.

Initially The Amazing Spiderman Review saw mixed reactions among PC gamers because of a few problems with low framerates within the game.The game did a little better on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Thankfully for the PC Gamers there is a solution to fix the lag or low frame rates by going through a very simple method.You can check out my article of how to fix the low framerates in The Amazing Spiderman to get the details of the fix.

There is no official announcement regarding The Amazing Spiderman 2 Video game but if it does release i hope the franchise does justice to the PC Version of the game.


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