Angry Birds cartoon set to release this spring

Angry Birds Cartoon series set for a spring release

Angry Birds cover artThe Angry Birds franchise has become a massive hit within a span of  few years and is expected to be stronger than ever with the release of Angry Birds Cartoon.

The release of the first edition of the video game franchise for the Apple iOS operating system was appreciated by people of all ages.The Angry Birds Cartoon show might just be an icing on the cake for Rovio.

The video game franchise was also released for the Android,Symbian and windows phones and did quite well.Even though the gameplay on the smartphones is quite simple the game's comic style where you need to use the birds to hurt the pigs as a form of revenge for them stealing their eggs is filled with entertainment.

Apart from the initial release the company went on to release other versions such as Angry Birds Rio,star Wars,Space and seasons.Along with the mobile versions you can also play angry birds free via Facebook.

However the beauty of the franchise is that its not just limited to the Angry Birds Cartoon and the game alone.There are themed cups,pillow covers,Back covers of mobile phones,T Shirts,Books which are also available for purchase in the market and they have been doing quite well.The theme park based on the game is also expected to open in China during the Chinese new year in February 2014.

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed  has also confirmed that the company is looking to for a long term future within the franchise.He also confirmed that the Angry Birds cartoon series is expected to be as good as the timeless classics like The Road Runner and Pink Panther and will be remembered by people for years to come.

I am not quite sure what we can expect from the Angry Birds Cartoon but looking at the popularity of the game it might do well.So it would come as no surprise if the cartoon series also turns out to be a hit.

Before the company confirmed about the Angry Birds Cartoon series they had also worked on a couple of puzzle games which were of similar style namely Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies.Amazing Alex is a simple enough to play and complete but Bad Piggies requires a bit of puzzle solving before you can go ahead and complete the levels.
Even though it looks like Angry Birds Cartoon might look to be the end of the franchise there is a very good possibility that the finish game developers will make a comeback to the franchise with something.

Android users can download the Angry birds game here


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