Best PS3 games every ps3 gamer should own in 2013

The Best PS3 Games every gamer should get this hands on this year

After i posted about the best PC games  i thought i would write about the best ps3 games as well.PlayStation is one of the most loved consoles among gamers and its exclusive titles have produced a few of the best games in the past.

Best PS3 games you should try to get in 2013:

The Last of us:

PlayStation 3 Black console with a black controllerThis is a PlayStation 3 exclusive game that is set in the post apocalyptic world and is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.The game is being made by the masters behind Uncharted series so this is definitely bound to be one of the best ps3 games around in the near future.

God of War:Ascension:

There will be very few gamers who own the PS3 and would not have played God of War.Undoubtedly one of the best PS3 games franchise this is bound to make the sales go over the roof upon release.

Hitman HD Trilogy:

Hitman is one of the best stealth games you will find.The game in HD will be a lot of fun to play with crystal clear graphics on the PlayStation 3 console.

DMC:Devil May Cry:

Devil may Cry is one of the most aggressive games around and will be a perfect game for gamers owning a PS3 console to play during their off days.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 

This is a game that continues to chronicle the adventures of the Sly Cooper gang and is one of the fun games to play on PlayStation 3

Injustice:Gods among us:

DC heroes and villains will battle in fighter game.The game is created by the Mortal Combat creators and promises to be a feast for PS3 gamers.

Beyond:Two souls:

Beyond two souls comes from the creators of Heavy rain and will be a unique, psychological action thriller. with a compelling storyline.


Deadpool will be a comic adaptation which is to be released in 2013.Not sure of what to expect of it but the game might end up surprising many.

Grand Theft Auto V:

Grand Theft Auto V is anticipated now from a long time and the creators are said to be polishing the game to make it a fine experience among gamers.This will definitely be a close contender for the best ps3 games in 2013

Lost Planet 3:

Lost Planet 3 will reveals new truths about the foreboding planet and just like its last two installments might be another one that is a super hit and along with GTA V this will also be a strong contender for one of the best PS3 games.

What do you think about the Best PS3 games list?

Are you waiting for something that is not included in the list?


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