Best free Android apps of 2013

Best Free Android Apps available for download at Google PlayStore

After posting the Best free Android Games of 2013 i am back with a list of the best free android apps of 2013 which are very handy to use everyday.So without waiting any further let me share with you the Best Free Android apps of 2013 which are available in Google playstore.

Ten of the Best Free Android Apps


Evernote allows users to balance work between their mobiles and any other device that supports internet.The work you do through evernote gets Synchronized with the web version of the app which can be accessed through the internet.This one of the best free android apps for those who are on the run most of the time.


Undoubtedly one of the of Best Free Android apps available as this application saves a lot of work.Sometimes when your browsing the internet on your smartphone and like a website which you need to see a bit later on you can just go ahead and pocket it.This saves the link for viewing later.Whats more?The URL'S saved in the pocket application on an android device can be accessed through the web version of pocket as well.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp messenger is one of the best free android apps for a reason that its easy to use and much better than the common SMS system.


Facebook is the best social networking site and now is on the list of the best free android apps.The recent Facebook update makes this application 40% quicker to use on an android device.

Tiny Flashlight

You cannot expect to carry a flashlight everywhere you go.At the same time you will never know when you need it.Tiny Flashlight adds a feature of turning your phone into a bright light in darkness in case your lost somewhere and need directions.

Antivirus Free

Antivirus is a must with so many viruses on the loose these days.Antivirus free is easy to use and very light on resources as well.


Applock allows users to lock their applications from uninstalling and from anyone else using it.Its best for privacy controls.

Mx Player Codec

MX Player Codec allows Android users to use the MX video player in almost all the formats.Very useful and one of the best free android apps for users who watch a lot of videos in their smartphones.


Zedge has a lot of ringtones,Wallpapers and games for users to download.If you like to personalise your phone more often than not this is the one you should download.


This application saves up a lot of memory which you didnt even know is hogging your Smartphone.Its easy to use and a must have for everyone who has an android device and need to use it to the maximum potential.

Which one is your favorite from the list of best free android apps of  2013?

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