Blackberry Z10 one of the best smartphone of 2013?

Blackberry Z10 release off to a great start

As Blackberry tries to make its way back to the smartphone industry with the launch of their two Blackberry 10 based Smartphones  Blackberry Z10 and Q10 a lot of people tend to think this is a make or a brake situation for the company which was formerly known as Research in motion.

The report in AllThingsD has confirmed that the white colored Z10 is practically sold out across the United Kingdom and are estimating the sales to be at least several hundred thousand units if not more.

The reports has also further confirmed that preorders of the new blackberry 10 based phones in other countries such as UAE have also been solid.
Blackberry Z10 Picture

Blackberry Z10 and Q10 release date:

  • Canada and China on February 5.
  • Middle-east, another market on February 10
  • United States sometime in April.

The interesting thing to know is that the Z10 was available for purchase via eBay for a staggering price of $1500.

One of the reasons of Blackberry's drop from one of the top smartphones might have been the worldwide outage which happened a year or two back might have done a lot of harm to the company's reputation which promises to have one of the most secure servers around.The outage caused massive panic with a lot of Blackberry users especially corporate users who used the phones to receive emails.The outage lasted much longer than expected.

Blackberry Z10 and Q10 might just be what the company needs to compete with the big guns such as Samsung and Apple.Considering the response one of the blackberry 10 based phones might become one of the best in 2013.

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