Bob Marley birthday:Fans and Family remember the reggae legend

Bob Marley Birthday called as 'Bob Marley day' in Toronto during his 68th Birth AnniversaryBob Marley Star Walk of Fame

Bob Marley Birthday was yesterday and a lot of his fans along with a few of his relatives gathered at his old house in his remembrance.

 It was the Reggae Icon's 68th Birth Anniversary who sadly passed away from cancer in 1981 at the age of 36.

He was a great human being as well..His message of unity and respect is the inspiration to many of his fans.

During his Birthday many of his relatives and fans remembered him through his music and some also claimed that even today when they hear him sing it looks like he is still alive.

His music is so inspirational that on Tuesday the Culture Minister Lisa Hanna encouraged Jamaicans to listen to the songs by Bob Marley to create an atmosphere which is more wholesome, caring, peaceful and progressive society.

Bob Marley day was celebrated in Toronoto during his birthday with his fans paying their respects towards him.

Bob Marley Birthday is just another day in a calender for some but for the majority of people especially those who love reggae this was the day the face of music had started to change.Sometimes you cant help but think "It would have been so great if he was alive"

Legends will always live on and on the Bob Marley Birthday we felt the icon a lot closer to us even though he is so far.

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