Far Cry 3 Patch adds multiplayer tweak and difficulty mode

Multiplayer fix and New difficulty mode added in the upcoming Far Cry 3 Patch

Far Cry 3 was one of the best open world first-person shooter video game that released in 2012.I think Ubisoft did a great job in getting the franchise back on track because of the mixed  reviews the second installment of the game recieved.Ubisoft have now confirmed that the Far Cry 3 patch will be released with a lot of tweaks and improvements.
Far Cry 3 video game cover picture

Far Cry 3 Patch Inclusion:

The details of what to expect from the patch that will be released by Ubisoft include
  • A new difficulty mode
  • Ability to reset outposts in the single-player campaign
  • Numerous multiplayer tweaks. 
Ubisoft has not confirmed the release date yet but from what is known the players who have conquered all outposts will be given an option to reset the quest from the gameplay menu.Even the incomplete portion of the quest can be reset afterthe update

The wildlife portion of the game will be made more aggressive with the pirates tougher when the players choose the master difficulty.The game developers are also adding a few tweaks for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Multiplayer tweaks within the Far Cry 3 Patch:

  • Easier to give feedback on maps
  • Create a beta map playlist 
  • skip map voting system. 

The Far Cry 3 updates such as these will make the game even more better to play.Hopefully there will be an official announcement of the release date of the Far Cry 3 Patch.


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