God of War Ascension demo available through PSN

God Of War Ascension Demo is now available for download

The PlayStation exclusive third person action-adventure video game Series 'God Of War' is now about to release the fourth installment in a few days.As the anticipation of the video game gets higher the players are wondering what to expect from this one of the most anticipated ps3 games of 2013.The developers Santa Monica Studio have now gone ahead and released a God of War Ascension Demo to give the gamers a fair idea of what they can expect from the upcoming PS3 exclusive.The Demo will be available through the PlayStation Store as a free download.

God of War Ascension full cover artRelease date:

The God of war Ascension release date is set to be 
  • March 12, 2013 in North America
  • March 13, 2013 in Europe
  • March 14, 2013 in Australia
  • March 15, 2013 in UK
The Story of the game is expected to be a  prequel to the original trilogy that will tell Kratos' origin story and is also expected to include a multiplayer addition  for up to eight players which will include a small story element

There have been quite a few good ps3 games that have been released since the launch of the PlayStation 3 console but God of War Saga definitely takes the cake as it has been one PlayStation 3 exclusive title that have not let the console down right from the 1st installment.

Apart from the Ps3 version  i remember playing the God of War PSP version which was fun to play.Especially the episode Chains of Olympus had some great graphics within the small screen of the PlayStation Portable.

With the New PS3 releases slowly dying down as we await the launch of Sony's next generation console 'PlayStation 4' it would be a good idea to preorder a copy if you own a PS3 as the next installment might end up releasing only on the PlayStation 4 console.

Another game from the PS3 new releases that really might make its mark before we really go into the next generation console is 'The Last of us' which is worth a look as well.

God of war Ascension Trailer:

A trailer of the game has also been released by developers which explains the backstory of the game and shows a few enemies players can expect during their single player campaign.

Its games such as these that makes me want to buy a PS3 console even more.Looking at the trailer the PlayStation 3 exclusive definitely looks to do justice to its previous installments.You can check out the gameplay and how it exactly performs by downloading the God of War Ascension demo directly to your console through the PlayStation Network.


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