Infamous 3 for PS4 announced by Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch confirms Infamous 3 for PS4

Infamous 3 has been announced to released for the PS4 consoleInfamous which is known to be one of the best open world action-adventure PlayStation exclusive games to be produced by Sucker punch is now set to make its way on Sony's next generation console.Infamous 3 for PS4 was announced by the company during their event held on February 20 in New York.

The developers 'Sucker Punch' during the event unveiled to the fans what they can expect  from the super-powered, open-world series called Infamous: Second Son.

Cole MacGrath(previous protagonist) was a part of infamous his iconic lightning attacks.However the hero that was revealed in the launch trailer was more fiery personality. The trailer also seems to hint a much wider angle in the next game with many more super powered individuals making their presence felt.You can watch the trailer of Sony's upcoming action-adventure open world game for their next gen console here.

There was no mention of the release date of the game but expect infamous 3 for ps4 to be a feast considering this might end up being one of the first games to be released on Sony's next gen console.


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