Mario and Luigi dream team confirmed for Nintendo 3DS

Mario and Luigi dream team confirmed to release on Nintendo 3DS

Mario was a video game everyone was fond of during their younger years.The technology has evolved since then and today we are living in the world of Xbox 360,PS3 and Wii.With that  being said we might be towards another transition soon as the release of next generation consoles Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are not too far either.

Super Mario picture
Mario and Luigi Dream Team will be the new role playing game of the series that has been announced by Nintendo.The release date of the game has not yet been confirmed but from what is known the game is expected to release for the Nintento 3DS console.

Satoru Iwata(Nintendo President)showed the ingame footage of this new game of the Mario and Luigi series which shows that the game take place inside Luigi's dreams and features puzzles that have to be solved by interacting with a slumbering Luigi on the bottom screen of the 3DS console.

The video also confirmed that the game can feature multiple Luigi's with one scene showing a flood of Luigi's which are attacking a group of enemies and second one shows Mario running around the map with dozens of his taller.

The other announcements made by the Nintendo president were:

  • New Mario Golf for the 3DS
  • New DLC campaign for New Super Mario Bros
  • U focusing squarely on Luigi called New Super Luigi U
  • The release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • The unveiling of Donkey Kong Country Returns for the 3DS. 

Mario and Luigi Dream team promises to be one of the best Mario and Luigi games produced in a long time and promises to be a feast for the gamers who own the Nintendo 3DS console and love the series.


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