Mass effect 3 DLC details to be revealed next week?

Mass Effect 3 DLC details are expected to be revealed next week

BioWare has confirmed to unveil the details of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC next week.The news was confirmed by the community developer Chris Priestly via Twitter recently.

Mass effect 3 box cover
Priestly confirmed that hopefully they should have a few official details in regards to the upcoming mass effect 3 downloadable content by next week.Two teaser pictures of the expansion were also revealed by Bioware last month.

In December the company teased the next single player expansion of Mass Effect 3 claiming it to be worked on by a lot of members of staff..Chief composer Sam Hulick also confirmed that he will be a part of the new downloadable content to be released.

Apart from Sam Hullick the voice actor Seth Green (Family Guy, Austin Powers) is also expected to make a return in this upcoming mass effect expansion.Seth Green is known to have lent his voice for Normandy pilot Joker when the series first took flight.

The upcoming expansion is not the only one Bioware has currently been working on as the release of Mass effect 4 has also been confirmed without Master Sheppard being a part of the next installment.

Further information in regards to what to expect of the Mass effect 3 DLC along with the release date should be 'hopefully' revealed next week.


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