National Singing day February 2013 winners and losers

National Singing day Winners and losers

Kelly Clarkson Singing The National Signing Day has now become a tradition that takes place on the first Wednesday of February.Just like always it was held yesterday 6/02/2013.

There were a few teams who were over the moon for a well deserved victory and others who were completely devastated by defeat.Lets have a look at the teams who won and those who lost on Wednesday(06/02/2013)

The teams that won at the National Singing day:

  • Mississippi(No. 7)
  • Texas A&M(No. 10)
  • Auburn(No. 11)
  • Clemson(No. 14)
  • Ohio State(No. 2)

The teams that lost:

  • Missouri (No. 38)
  • USC(No. 13)
  • Louisville (No. 41)
  • Oklahoma (No. 15)
  • Texas (No. 16)
  • Cincinnati (No. 58)


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