New Batman game confirmed for release in 2013

New Batman Game release date sometime in 2013

After the last game in the Batman series 'Arkham City' turned out to be one of the best Batman games.The company has now confirmed that there will be a new batman game that will be released.This will be the third installment in the Batman Arkham series and is expected to launch in 2013.John Martin(CFO)also went on to confirm that this will be included for release among the "strong" games releases that are set for the year.

It was also confirmed by the company that they expect the year to be good or even better than last year with the release of the new batman game.With the smash hit Batman 'Arkham Asylum' and 'Arkham City' being the previous two releases gamers will haveBatman Arkham City game cover a lot of anticipation among gamers and hopefully should live up to the expectations.

Apart from the above VG247 sources have confirmed that the new batman game is not in development by Rocksteady Studios. That development house is also rumored to be working on a stylized prequel which will detail the Dark Knight's first encounter with the Joker which is not expected until 2014.

Last month Warner Bros. registered 15 new Batman domain names namely Arkham Universe, Arkham Legend, Arkham Origins, Arkham Rises among others which puts a bit of light on what to expect of the New Batman game.

The last entry 'Batman: Arkham City'  was also developed by Rocksteady Studios for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and PC and received a strong reception and sold 6 million units.

With the Last batman game setting up the bar and being loved by millions of gamers around we might just see something even more special from the new batman game.


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