Sony unveils touch screen enabled PS4 controller

PS4 controller will be touch screen enabled

The season of Next gen gaming consoles is just getting heated up.Sony at their recent event announced that the PS4 controller would be DualShock 4 Touch screen and will also include a share button.The share button will allow players to capture gameplay videos and share it within the gaming community.

Sony PlayStation 3 Controller
The Share feature will also enable players to stream their gaming in real time via internet streaming such as UStream.Apart from streaming players would also be able to upload video game videos on Facebook.

Features of dual shock within the PS4 controller

The Dual Shock addition in the PlayStation 4 will include a New six-axis sensor along with a light bar which will include three color LEDs that will illuminate to match the color of characters in a game to identify other players.The light bar will also provide players with information while gaming such as when the health of a character is low.

The other notable feature of the PS4 controller is a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack.This will give gamers a chance to chat with friends while playing online.It was also confirmed that the PlayStation Eye camera for the gaming console will include a new camera.Through the new camera the players will be able to log in to the video game console through  face recognition.

With so many features incorporated within Sony's PlayStation 4 console it does not look like the company can go wrong.How the console actually turns out to be is something we will have to wait and see.Hopefully apart from the PS4 controller there will be other noticeable improvements within the console itself.

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