PS4 release date sometime in November?

Sony PS4 release date might be in November

The Much awaited and anticipated console from Sony might be making its way in November for 430$ as per a few sources who spoke to Kotaku.Another Model of the console is expected to be available for around $530.However there is a possibility of the second model of the console selling for $400 dollars upon launch which will be confirmed at the event.

PlayStation 3  Console
It has also been claimed that through the Sony PlayStation 4 consoles players will be able to control their consoles remotely via a tablet or a smartphone.

Just like Xbox Live it has now been confirmed that PlayStation 4 console will require a mandatory premium subscription to access online features.A name change is also in the works where the PlayStation Plus will be renamed to PlayStation World.

Other speculations apart from PS4 release date are:

  • That the PS4 unit will ship with a PlayStation Eye
  • A feature will allow players to watch others playing the game without actually being in the game. 
  • The Sony PlayStation 4 Console will also support local network play through the PlayStation Vita. 
  • A new image of the PS4 controller has also been the rounds around the internet.

As the anticipation regarding the console and the rumors surrounding it continues to grow we might just be a few moments away before getting an official announcement regarding the technical specifications and when the exact PS4 release date will be.


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